You can visit the Ventura Country Government Center Gallery at the "Atrium Gallery to see a few of Tesi's sculptures that made it into the present Show.

You can also visit the Thousands Oaks Community Gallery that is actually in Newbury Park next to the Library to see another great show that includes one of Tesi's pieces.

And remember you can always call Tesi to make an appointment to see her remarkable Free Range Chicken Succulent Garden sure to make you smile!

Plus she can show you what small sculptures she presently has for purchase.

You can also bring a photo of your favorite pet or other animal to commission a whimsical replica!

There are three sizes to choose from to have created for you.

You can also commission one of three large sculptures she can still make: such as a large Dragonfly or a large heron.

Rusted metal is uniquely recycled as it comes to life in these (one-of-a-kind) creative and whimsical Home and Garden Sculptures. 
All sculptures are made from found steel, therefore - there are no two sculptures exactly the same, although similar sculptures can be made to order. 

Tesi Sanchez-Halpert
(805) 529-2645

Go to UPCOMING SHOWS page for information where
to see Tesi's sculptures in person!

Artist statement: 

I believe "Laughter IS the BEST medicine" 
My greatest feeling of accomplishment comes from spontaneous smiles and laughter from people that see my sculptures. 

As a lucky stroke survivor, I strive to spread the joy I feel for life itself!