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Auntie Rexia $85

Barby $85

BFFs $1500

Crusty the Rare Deep Water Fish $150

DeLong $150

Dude Please Throw it Again $150

Are you My Mother? $150

Friendly Falcon $875

Gerald the Giraffe $85

Gilbert the Grumpy Frog Prince $150

Card Holder
Mr. Wiggles $150

Rusted metal is uniquely recycled as it comes to life in these (one-of-a-kind) creative and whimsical Home and Garden Sculptures. All sculptures are made from found steel, therefore - there are no two sculptures exactly the same, although similar sculptures can be made to order.

Tesi Sanchez-Halpert
(805) 529-2645

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Henrietta the Happy Hen $450

Howling at Dan $150

Howling at the Moon $125

Inch Alotta $150

Joy $85

Kachina Tesi Card Holder (not for sale)


Ornament Heart with Hanger $60

Otto the Spider $150

Pluggy $85

Rare Antique Barby Inch Worm $100


Scruffy $150

Sparky $85

Speedy the Inch Worm $150

Stinky Asking for Attention $100